Best Guerilla Knitter

Sile Convery

Knitting as social commentary: Who knew? This past spring, guerilla knitter Sile (Gaelic spelling for "Sheila") Convery led the stealth charge in making an eight-foot "T" cozy for the "THERE" part of Berkeley's "HERE/THERE" sculpture on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. For a while, both cities could claim the honor of being "HERE," that is, until Berkeley cracked down and made Convery and her troupe of dangerous renegades remove the piece. Ah well. The Irish-born Convery chalks it up to experience and continues to happily run her Berkeley craft center, Knit One One, which offers classes ("Knitting 101," "Summer Knits," "Switch Knitting," or crochet or color spinning), workshops (e.g., "Sewing and Fibers" — you too can make a felt toy cat with a skeleton face), and "Mystery Knit" parties and outings. Convery's got yarn chops — goodness, she knit a pair of underwear when she was eight — so those inclined to gentler forms of civil disobedience can put themselves in her capable hands.

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