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Piedmont Grocery

Sure, Berkeley Bowl has the cred, Grocery Outlet has the rock-bottom prices, and Trader Joe’s has that adorable nautical theme. But long before any of those were even a figment in some entrepreneurial soul’s imagination, there was Piedmont Grocery, which has quietly been supplying Piedmont Avenue and the surrounding environs with reasonably priced and well-selected groceries since the Roosevelt administration — the first Roosevelt administration. It’s also cleverly laid out, one of the few remaining independently owned, full-service grocery stores in the Bay Area, and staffed by the friendliest and most helpful baggers, butchers, stockers, and checkers in the known universe. Don’t miss the grade-A booze selection, the free parking, or the uncommonly classy hot food buffet (think vegan Indian food and roasted salmon, not pathetic, deli-style chicken tenders baking under a heat lamp). Or the cheese samples. Definitely don’t miss the cheese samples.

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