Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Monkey Forest Road

It's unusual enough that the home furnishing store Monkey Forest Road has a cafe inside of it, but weirder still that said cafe is home to the most delicious gluten-free baked goods in town. Baked fresh daily (and all day) on-site, its gluten-devoid items go beyond the typical chocolate-chip cookie and blueberry muffin: Past offerings have included lemon poppy-seed muffins, chicken-apple-sausage scones, chocolate-cherry muffins, and breakfast sandwiches. The dough is light but not crumbly, and doesn't leave any of that weird aftertaste that can be common with many gluten-free mixes. And the flavors themselves are delicate and not overly sweet — another common affliction of gluten-free products. While they don't come cheap, these gluten-free goodies are so expertly concocted that you won't feel as if you're missing anything. Whoever called it "dining without" clearly hadn't been to Monkey Forest Road.

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