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Too often, a basket of deep-fried fish shows up at the table swimming in so much oil that it reminds you of a Tony Hayward press conference. Well, you won't find the BP jester anywhere near this hole-in-the-wall. When any food is correctly deep-fried, the food's evaporating moisture pushes outward to keep the oil from being absorbed into the batter. Whether it's the sole, snapper, oysters, prawns, or soft-shell crab, crunchy bits of seafood fill the baskets, not limp piles of mush. Moreover, the flavors remain distinct — if you've ever bitten into a French fry to get a slightly fishy taste, it's because the cook used the same oil for strong flavors as weak ones. Here, oysters are bitter, catfish are muddy, fries are starchy, and never the twain shall meet. Regular orders (which come with bread and a side such as coleslaw, fries, or hushpuppies) are a big meal for one person and the large orders are the perfect deep-fried double date.

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