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Alamo Hay & Grain Co.

Shop for newfangled cat food and pretend you're stocking up the farm at this blast from the agrarian past. A local institution since 1962, Alamo Hay & Grain has an incorrigible country sensibility. The barny open structure lets customers drive right through so the strapping country-boy employees can load hay bales onto the pickup. An unfussy compartmented bin holds bulk grains like hen scratch and cracked corn, and big scoops hang nearby. Like most feed stores, Alamo Hay & Grain sells baby chicks each spring, but at Alamo the fluffballs aren't neatly separated by breed and labeled accordingly. Hundreds of peeping babies run jumbled in a big livestock watering trough. Name a layer breed, though, and veteran owner John Bellandi will reach in, no problem, and grab a healthy specimen. To accommodate contemporary demand, the store sells cat, dog, and even hamster food, but keeps it real with equestrian supplies and fifty-pound bags of prepared animal feeds in addition to, yep, hay and grain.
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