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Berkeley Facial Studio

It's easy to empty your wallet in the name of beauty, and a facial is no exception. There are all those expensive, botanical-rich sprays, lotions, masks, and tonics that promise to rejuvenate your skin. Then there are the ferns and white couches and rock fountains needed to create a relaxing spa experience. But at Berkeley Facial Studio, the focus is strictly on skin. Owned and operated by Roberta Masterson-Warhus, Berkeley Facial Studio is located in a small studio on Sixth Street, and has a cozy, unpretentious vibe that's incredibly refreshing. If you want someone to coo over you and gently spritz you with mist for $100 an hour, go someplace else. At Berkeley Facial Studio, a full facial costs only $47. It's not a relaxing spa experience, but Masterson-Warhus is an expert extractor, and after she has a go at your pores, your skin will be glowing.

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