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Game of Drones: Bay Area Aerial Sports League

Want a drone that can withstand anything? Beat it to death. That's part of the premise behind the Game of Drones' aerial sports league. Partners Eli DElia and Marque Cornblatt started meeting three to four years ago in various warehouses around the East Bay with other artists, robotics makers, and drone enthusiasts. Just for fun, they began battling each other's drones in small private gatherings. Like Fight Club, but in the sky. Quickly, those private events attracted more people. Now, Cornblatt and DElia run Game of Drones, which manufactures a drone that can fly through fire, land in water, and get shot at without breaking apart. They also founded the Bay Area Aerial Sports League, which regularly draws eighty to one hundred people every third Sunday of the month. They often meet at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland or Berkeley's Cesar Chavez Park.

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