Best Comedic Performance

Seth Meyers at Zellerbach Hall

When Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers performed at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall in February, he branched out from his usual sketch comedy for a stand-up routine that was controversial, charming, and downright hilarious. Meyers shared his awkward encounters (yes, there were multiple) with President Obama — like his first run-in in 2007, when he suggested that Obama couldn't pull off (physically or metaphorically) a Halloween mask. He also shared punchlines too dark for his "Weekend Update" segment: "A German man missing both his arms stole a TV set from an electronics store. Police said he was easy to catch because he was unarmed." Meyers concluded with an anecdote that involved a bar in Las Vegas, a bully, and too much alcohol. The comedian accidentally brushed an aggressive muscleman, and when the dude told him he needed to be respectful, Meyers replied, "The three people I respect most in this world are my dad, for making me the man I am today, Nelson Mandela, for ending apartheid in South Africa, and you." Meyers was on the ground within five seconds.

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