Best Carnitas Tacos

Taqueria Chavinda

Many East Bay taquerias may boast of having the best carnitas, but they so often fall short. Either the pork is too dry, soggy, or downright flavorless. Taqueria Chavinda, on the other hand, doesn't boast anything. It hardly even looks like a taqueria, with its iron barred windows and completely nonexistent decor. But that doesn't mean its carnitas tacos aren't the bomb. The meat is crispy and tender — almost minced — and covered with cilantro and a tangy, spicy salsa, all of which sits atop classically doubled-up corn tortillas. And while Chavinda doesn't immediately scream ¡Taqueria! at first glance, it does have side-of-a-Mexican-highway chic that could give any authentic taco crusader more than his or her money's worth (only $1.25 per taco).

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