Best Cannabis Educator

Dale Sky Jones

These are heavy days at Oaksterdam University. The revolutionary, five-year-old medical cannabis college once thrived in downtown Oakland, and has graduated more than 13,000 students. But earlier this year, federal agents raided the school, marking the biggest escalation yet in the current federal crackdown on California's blooming marijuana-related businesses. Federal agents seized the college's computers, files, and bank accounts, and Oaksterdam founder Richard Lee has since resigned in order to deal with what could be pending federal charges. Instructor Dale Sky Jones has courageously stepped up as chancellor, trying to resuscitate the badly wounded school and carrying the banner of Oaksterdam forward. Few are as capable. She radiated experience, professionalism and purpose outside the Oaksterdam raid. A media-savvy mother and Prop 19 campaign veteran, she brings a familiar face and focused talking points to an issue that needs her.

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