Best Buds: Harborside Health Center Reveals Entries for High Times Medical Cannabis Cup San Francisco 2013


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High Times magazine's fourth annual Medical Cannabis Cup San Francisco returns to the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond June 22 and 23. Upwards of 10,000 people will likely attend the county fair of cannabis, and many of the best dispensaries in the Bay Area are gearing up for the expo and cannabis contest this week. On Thursday, Oakland dispensary Harborside Health Center revealed on Facebook its Cup entries for 2013. Here's a sample:

Heirloom Highland Thai
"A true landrace sativa, the Heirloom Highland Thai is a glimpse into the fabled past. Those of an older generation will be transported back to a bygone era of the delicate, complex golden flowers of Southeast Asia (which are currently endangered if not extinct at their point of origin)."

Highland Thai
  • HHC
  • Highland Thai

Pure Afghani (Indica)
"The Pure Afghani is perhaps the best of all possible worlds for an indica: improbably dense flowers, a remarkably high THC potency and a flavor of fizzy, iced lemon-lime soda with just a dash of bitters for good measure."

Pure Afghani
  • HHC
  • Pure Afghan

Cherry AK(Indica)
"An explosion of spiced cherry and molasses flavors, Cherry AK (a phenotype of AK-47) is known for its strong effects, lending a spacey ethereal feeling in the mind along with a strong, grounding indica anchor for the body."

Cherry AK
  • HHC
  • Cherry AK

Check out the whole lineup on the HHC Facebook page.