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Epic Beard Man

AC Transit, like any form of mass transit, has its share of malcontents who prey on the old, the young, the weak, and those they know won't fight back. So it's no surprise the world celebrated the acts of Oakland native Thomas Bruso, dubbed Epic Beard Man, after his act of self-defense on AC Transit was caught on digital video and uploaded to YouTube, where it went hugely viral. In the video, Bruso — a large, fit, elderly man — draws the ire of a younger gentleman. Words are exchanged, and the younger assailant strikes Bruso, who unleashes a whirlwind of punches. Bruso is also wearing an "I Am Motherfucker" shirt at the time. International attention promptly followed, and Bruso's complicated past of abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, and run-ins with the police added a somber, exploitative layer to the saga. Nevertheless, watching a senior trounce a mass transit assailant continues to strike millions of viewers as divine justice.

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