Best Bar to Get Dumped (and Rebound) In

The Ruby Room

You didn't know dating was a sport? Well, it is. And it's damn hard. But breaking up in a bar is even harder. Admittedly, it's a gauche move, but hey, sometimes you need neutral territory, and it's usually too blustery to Dear John your lover at Lake Merritt (plus, no one wants to contend with all that goose poop). Cue the Ruby Room. This dank little downtown dive is mellow enough most nights that no one — even the craziest ex-lovers — would think of starting a scene. The bartenders are decent mixologists, sympathetic listeners, and easy on the eyes. The drinks are cheap ($4 wells, and good microbrews on tap) and far stronger than that douche who just jilted you. Plus, the punk aesthetic mirrors your angst — let Joy Division be your only joy. The bar is dark, too — the only light that squeaks through is a blood-lust red — so no one will be able to see you cry. That coffin-like darkness — plus the narrow space, pool table, and comfy booths, also provide the perfect backdrop for that necessary, yet regrettable rebound that is surely sitting on the next stool over.

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