Best Backyard Brunch

Rogue Café

Sitting amidst a jumble of mismatched lawn furniture, with a low-built tree house for VIPs, brunchers at Rogue Café are drawn there as much for the tasty vittles as for an authentic sun-dappled Berkeley experience. Rogue was created by the owners of fledgling coffee roaster One Ninety Seven Coffee, a way to showcase their java by serving it with morning fare (like wine pairings for the breakfast set). Initial invitees were friends, then it expanded to friends of friends, and now Rogue is a full-fledged commercial operation ... in the backyard of Pizzaiolo's flower arranger. The menu shifts with the seasons — and the owners' whimsy — and is only limited by what can be produced in a tiny corrugated metal shack (Rogue's makeshift kitchen). Recent offerings have included sourdough waffles with a Meyer lemon glaze, seasoned beets with an avocado crostini, house-made sausage and house-made granola. But visit Rogue Café now; an operation this successful is bound to land a real brick-and-mortar at some point.

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