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Oakland is gaining recognition as a visual arts destination, and the rising tide has certainly lifted many boats. Few, however, have presented a directorial sensibility as focused and bold — or stuck to it so steadfastly — as Jasmine Moorhead at Krowswork. The gallery was established as an exhibition space for video art and photography — the former of which remains relatively marginal in contemporary art despite its wealth of potential — and it continues to serve as a first-rate platform for these media. Recently, however, the gallery expanded the scope of its programming to include a performance series and several immersive, site-specific installations in which artists took full advantage of the gallery's unique, slightly subterranean space. Ursula Brookbank's She World, which turned Krowswork into a catacomb of feminine detritus that viewers explored by flashlight, was a memorable winter exhibition. And its annual Summer of Video Art should not be missed.

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