Best African Restaurant for Adventurous Eaters


When it comes to food, what might be labeled an “adventure” for one person is just plain-old dinner for someone else — nothing strange or exotic about it. Still, for Bay Area foodies who feel jaded by the sameness of many restaurant offerings, Miliki, a Nigerian restaurant in Oakland’s Laurel neighborhood, offers plenty of dishes to excite diners looking to try something new. To wit, highlights of the menu include crispy black-eyed pea fritters; steamed bean cakes (like a Nigerian take on tamales); a spicy pepper soup that’s infused with the bittersweet flavors of sundry medicinal herbs; and a variety of earthy, long-cooked stews, which diners scoop up with their fingers using a piece of pounded-yam dough. Wash it all down with a bottle of caramel-y, non-alcoholic Malta Guiness — just one more Nigerian import that you’ll find worth your while to try.

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