Best $10 Lunch

Hawker Fare

We're firm believers that the food revolution has less to do with what you can order at a high-end farm-to-table affair somewhere out in wine country and much more to do with what kind of food working-class blokes and blokettes can get for $10 during their well-deserved lunch break. Enter Hawker Fare, the down-home rice-bowl joint by Oakland's Michelin-starred chef, James Syhabout. Here, Chef Justin Yu is putting out the kind of food he and Syhabout enjoy eating: straight-up Thai-inspired rice bowls with uncompromised Southeast Asian flavors and just a few well-executed modern flourishes. Our favorites are the sous-vide kao mun gai (poached chicken) and the spicy-savory issan sausage patties, but it's all good. Best of all, everything's less than $10. Check that: Adding a fried farm egg to your rice bowl for $1.50 will put you just over budget, but we highly recommend making that modest splurge.

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