Berkeley's Student Newspaper Sued



The Daily Cal — UC Berkeley's student newspaper — is being sued by the father of a former student in small claims court, the paper reported in today's issue. The case revolves around an article and two blog posts in which the newspaper discussed an altercation the late Chris Purtz, who died in June but who was then a student and football player at Cal, allegedly had at San Francisco strip club The Lusty Lady in 2006. Purtz's father Harvey, a Fresno podiatrist, is suing the Daily Cal's editor and president, Rajesh Srinivasan, for $7,500, saying Srinivasan's refusal to take the stories off of the paper's online archives amounts to intentional emotional distress.

For his part, Srinivasan, who is the only person named in the claim despite the fact that he was in high school when the stories were originally published, says he's simply following the Daily Cal's policy (which is fairly common among newspapers) of not taking down old posts except in the case of serious factual errors. Regardless, he'll be appearing tomorrow in Fresno small claims court. We'll keep you posted.

Update, 1/26: The court has ruled in favor of Srinivasan, twoth the Daily Cal at about 6:30 this evening.