Berkeley's Cinnaholic Becomes's First-Ever "Deal"


comment, a website that lets members buy avant-garde food at deep discounts and have it home-delivered anywhere in the US, has picked vegan cinnamon rolls from Berkeley-based Cinnaholic as its first-ever "deal."

Devoted vegan husband-and-wife team Shannon Michelle Radke and Florian Radke opened Cinnaholic last summer across Oxford Street from UC Berkeley's West Gate. Every ingredient in Shannon's house-baked cinnamon rolls is strictly vegan, including the sugar — which, unlike many commercial sugars, is not filtered through charred animal bones. "reached out to us and asked whether we'd like to work with them," Florian said today. "We like their concept, and they like ours.

"They weren't initially interested in the fact that our rolls are vegan, but they knew that there has been a lot of talk about us on social-media sites — that's what got them interested," he said.

Through, a box containing one dozen rolls are shipped fresh within three days. Cinnaholic has been shipping rolls almost since the shop opened, including over 75 shipments for Valentine's Day alone — which included a PETA donation card with each roll, Radke said.