Berkeley Woman Crowned Miss Cougar International




Up for something MILFy? Maybe your answer lives right next door!

The newly crowned Miss Cougar International is Berkeley resident Amy Luna Manderino. She nabbed the coveted title over all her fellow over-40s on April 1 at Jamaica's Hedonism II Resort & Spa (billed as "the Pleasure Seekers' Ultimate Super-Inclusive Playground"), marking the culmination of International Cougar Week.

A Pennsylvania native, daughter of a Supreme Court judge, and award-winning choreographer and ethnic dancer, Luna has toured internationally with her bellydance/flamenco/salsa/Bollywood dance companies, Lunatique and Shuvani. Last year, she won the titles of Miss Cougar California and Miss Cougar San Francisco East Bay:

"A friend told me about an older women/younger men singles mixer near where I live hosted by The Society of Single Professionals, so I went to check it out. At the event, they were having a contest for Miss Cougar San Francisco East Bay and I won the title, a tiara, and a free cruise to the Bahamas.

"The men of all ages who were in attendance voted for me after I chatted with all of them throughout the evening. I was then eligible for Miss Cougar California, which I also won. My prize was to be invited — along with all the other Miss Cougars from different locations — to an all-expenses-paid vacation at the International Cougar Week at Hedonism II."

Once she got there, "I had a week to charm the several hundred people in attendence, compete in a casual and eveningwear competition, and answer some spontaneous questions onstage. I won by a landslide! My prizes included another free vacation in Jamaica (for two!) ... and a beautiful silver and crystal necklace."

Amy Luna, in three different guises.
  • Amy Luna, in three different guises.

The creator of the Play for a Lifetime music method and the Dance For Seduction workshop, Luna is also a rescue scuba diver, motorcyclist, and nature/wildlife photographer — and she belongs to American Mensa, the high-IQ society. So watch what you say about beauty queens of any age.

“Cougars are more than just a pretty face,” Luna said. “We're the total package: passionate, confident, and fun.”

Her advice for both cougars and their supple, smooth, still-have-hair-and-don't-need-Cialis-yet prey?

"Looks only get you so far. How you make other people feel is what makes you a success."