Berkeley Patients Group Releases Statement on Move



Berkeley Patients Group received an East Bay Express Best Of Award in 2011 for their extra-chill lounge area. Now, BPG would prefer that everyone chill out while they orchestrate their move, amid federal law enforcement pressure. On March 15, BPG's general manager Sean Luse emailed out the following statement:

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Plans to Relocate in Berkeley

Recent media reports have erroneously stated that Berkeley Patients Group, one of the oldest and well-respected medical cannabis dispensaries in California, is closing its doors. The following statement provides accurate information on BPG’s status:

Berkeley Patients Group remains dedicated to providing safe and affordable access to its patient-members, while working to preserve the jobs of its 70+ employees. BPG is not closing. We have been looking to relocate for several years and look forward to announcing our new site, soon. We are grateful for the level of support we have received from the Berkeley community over the years.

BPG is committed both to providing safe access — and to protecting it. We strive to operate a dispensary that is a model of compassion and legal integrity. BPG operates in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of California's medical cannabis laws.

Stay tuned for new location news. Trouble chilling? We recommend Blue Haze.