Berkeley Official Admits to Lawbreaking



Ryan Lau, who serves on Berkeley’s Zoning Adjustments Board, has admitted to violating city law while doing work on his home, the Trib reports. Lau, whose job includes making sure Berkeley’s construction regulations are followed, admitted to violating some of the very same laws that he is entrusted with upholding. He confessed to not pulling proper permits or paying for them when he remodeled his garage and turned it into a living quarters last year.

Lau, who also is an aide to Berkeley Councilman Darryl Moore, could face stiff fines for his actions. But there are no indications as of yet that Lau will resign from the Zoning Adjustments Board or if he will continue to work for Moore. Lau’s lawbreaking was first reported in the online version of the Berkeley Daily Planet.