Berkeley: Not Just For Hippies Anymore


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That's what the editors at the New York Times recently discovered. In the paper's latest 36-hour tour of an American city, here's what author Joshua Kurlantzick discovered: "Anyone who thinks Berkeley is just a hotbed of political radicalism is in for a surprise. College Avenue, the town's main drag, is packed with more hipsters with Blackberrys than hippies with beards." College Avenue is the city's new epicenter? Jesus, has it really come to that?

But we're being entirely too ungrateful to a story that celebrates the best Berkeley has to offer. The Times sings songs of love for Moe's Books, the Pacific Film Archive, O Chame, the Vivarium (excellent choice, Joshua), the Berkeley Bowl, and other delights. The story even suggests visitors read the East Bay Express, or at least check the listings in the back. In the story's cleverest touch, the author recommends leaving Berkeley altogether and heading down for a taco truck on International Boulevard. Oh, and he takes a few shots at the frat boys who pack Blakes.