Berkeley: Fight Global Warming or Else!



The City of Berkeley is considering a strict new law that would force most homeowners to spend tens of thousands of dollars on energy efficiency in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Chron. The city council is scheduled to review the proposal Tuesday night, and it's sure to generate controversy. Not because people question global warming, but because it will be soooo expensive. Chronicle reporter Carolyn Jones estimated that the tough new energy efficiency standards could come to $33,800 in a typical home, including the costs of putting in double-paned windows; insulating the walls, attic, and floors; putting in a white roof to reflect heat; installing forced air heating; and buying energy-saving appliances. City officials say the proposal is necessary for Berkeley to meet the standards set out by Measure G, the city‘s historic global warming initiative. But believe it or not, the $33,800 pricetag doesn't even include the cost of installing solar panels.