Benjamin Jealous Face of New Black Leadership?



This morning, the Chron spotlights the rise of Alameda resident Benjamin Jealous to lead the NAACP, making the case that he's part of a new generation of black leaders who are proficient in high-tech organizing tools, fluent in a hip-hop sensibility, and removed from the more violent events of the 1960s. Local activist Van Jones is also highlighted, but the real star, in our humble opinion, is Newark Mayor Corey Booker, who displaced the corrupt old guard and has done a lot of heavy lifting to reform city government, reduce crime, and turn around a hard-luck city. Jealous' top priority will be the country's dismayingly high incarceration rate, particularly with respect to African Americans. However, the story adds, he may still have problems working with an older generation that is wedded to its vision of the NAACP.