Being Chased in Oakland After Dark


If someone told you that you could spend a long night in Oakland, "Stumbling into situations" and "Fleeing unknown pursuers" would you accept their invitation?

Adults are planning a big game of tag to be played at night on the streets of Oakland this Saturday. They're calling it Journey to the End of the Night.

The game is free to play, it's organized sort of like a a giant game of capture the flag, only instead of summer camp the field of play is going to be some rough neighborhoods and parks in the Big City.

Take Mosswood Park at Macarthur and Broadway, where event organizers plan to start the 5 hour game at 7pm this Saturday. Mosswood has seen it's share of shootings and dead bodies, including two women shot dead across the street on Monday.

This "Journey to the End of the Night:Oakland," is either a really great idea, the sort of thing that could transform our city for at least one evening, like "Take Back the Night" for hipsters. Or its a really bad idea, the sort of thing that could result in a whole lot of muggings.

Lets hope the kids leave their iPhones at home for this one and have a nice time. — Eric Klein