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Bedroom Floor, Kitchen Counter

When: Jan. 14-31 2011

Terry Furry's new oil paintings explore two areas of the household: Pop Art kitchen appliances (blender, tea kettle, coffee press, egg beater) seen in profile, iconically; and humble clothing items from dusty beneath-the-bed land (shoes, socks, jockstrap, briefs, wife beater). The latter class, seen from above, with their rumpled folds, shoelace arabesques, and blue shadows, verge on abstraction -- or anthropomorphization, depending on where one stands along the aesthetic attachment/detachment spectrum (from Van Gogh's downtrodden boots to Warhol's high-stepping heels, or from art-as-religion to art-as-commerce, in critic Donald Kuspit's view). The artist, who daylights at the Express, balances the contradictory elements of Warholian irony, Oldenburgian humor, and Thiebaudian celebration. "Tea Kettle" and "Toaster" shine in the kitchen; "Supporter," "Socks," "Black Boots," "Briefs," and "Wife Beater" rock (or endure) in the bedroom. Bedroom Floor, Kitchen Counter runs through January 28 (a short-run, two-week show!) at Hive Gallery (301 Jefferson St., Oakland). 510-508-2165 or

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