Bedbug Plagues Strike College Dorms



We've truly grown to love the fact that bedbugs, like global food riots, have joined the ranks of problems which we thought humanity had finally licked, but have returned to plague our lives once more. For the last few years, bedbugs had been gradually infesting hotels in cities around America; now, as universities convene in Florida to figure out to deal with the recent dormitory infestation, the Trib has reported that UC Berkeley has recently treated six students for bedbug bites. (How does one get bedbug-bitten so badly one requires medical attention?) So far Cal officials have tried blasting dorm rooms with steam guns and supercooling electronics and books. But only hardcore pesticides will reliably knock out the nasty little critters, and the world has been phasing out use of such toxic chemicals. Hey, we hear the plague is making a comeback too...