Because It Is Yoga, and Because It Is at Pixar



We know high tech is really nifty, and you can do all sorts of crazy things with it, and the Bay Area's where it all starts first, and the media will be so impressed they'll spill ink by the barrel to suck up to the ubergeeks. But there's gotta be a limit to obsequiousness somewhere. First, the press goes gaga over the fact that Google's master chef wrote a book and opened a restaurant. Now, the San Francisco Chronicle has gotten all gushy over the fact that Sandy Blaine, a former Pixar product assistant, has co-founded a yoga institute, written a book about exercises for cubicle dwellers, and still teaches yoga at Pixar a few times a week. The Chron's Q&A offers cringe-inducing queries such as "When you watch a movie like 'WALL-E,' are you thinking of all those poor, tensed-up shoulders and aching wrists?" C'mon, guys. It's lunch and yoga, and practicing either at Pixar or Slide or PayPal or anywhere else doesn't make it special.