Beavers, Man Coexist in Martinez


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So tonight the Martinez City Council will meet to discuss what to do about the colony of beavers that has settled in Alhambra creek and started chewing through $10 million in landscaping and flood control projects. And the good news is they won't kill them! Okay, they thought about wiping out the furry little nest a few months ago, but then legions of beaver fans (can we say that in a family newspaper?) raised a hue and a cry. Instead, the council will discuss such options as widening the creek and raising the floodwalls, in hopes that the city will stay dry and schoolchildren can taking field trips to sigh over the delightful critters. As the city's beaver expert told the Chronicle, "If we can put a man on the moon, we can outsmart beavers. They're not very good at deductive reasoning."