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Beast Nest, Un Operator, Slanted Square, and Flower Pattern

A night of experimental electronic music at Sgraffito.


Emeryville’s Sgraffito Gallery took a brief hiatus from its monthly music showcase, PFC3, but is back once again with an electronic music lineup featuring several artists with an experimental edge. Beast Nest is the project of interdisciplinary Oakland performer Sharmi Basu, whose ambient, psychedelic sound collages have political underpinnings. As a queer artist of South Asian descent, Basu uses her work to invoke her feminist, anti-colonial politics in subtle ways. For instance, she dedicated her latest piece, #tfuugly (Or, “That Feeling When You’re Ugly”), to Black and Brown girls who are thriving despite Eurocentric beauty standards. Meanwhile, Un Operator, who is based in Utah, makes thumping, minimal house music that’ll get the party moving. Slanted Square, on the other hand, is a noise artist whose droning compositions share similarities with Beast Nest’s abstract work and Flower Pattern’s atonal, reverb-laden synth playing.