Bears Up, Raiders Down



The California Bears walked all over Washington's winless Huskies on Saturday, slapping them around for 41 points at Memorial Stadium. As the Trib reports, this was more of a moral and emotional victory for the Bears, as the game wouldn't have changed Cal's appearance at the Emerald Bowl. But the Bears were determined to avenge last year's loss against Washington, and coach Jeff Tedford apparently took a rare tour through the locker room before the game.

If the Bears still came to play football, the same couldn't apparently be said for the Oakland Raiders. News accounts over the weekend report that after Thursday's horrific, 34-7 primetime loss against San Diego, the players were joshing around as if they'd just got back from the county fair. This has coach Tom Cable plenty pissed that his players don't feel particularly ashamed about their 3-10 record. But like they say, a fish rots from the head down. If Al Davis is apparently willing to sacrifice the season to get out of paying fired coach Lane Kiffin the rest of his salary, why should the players feel like they have to try?