Bassist Dewey Tucker Slain in Freeway Shooting

Twenty-four-year-old played for Lauryn Hill, Kev Choice Ensemble, and the Coup.


A twenty-four-year-old, Vallejo-raised musician was shot and killed Wednesday as he drove west on Interstate 80, en route to a band rehearsal in Oakland. According to yesterday's Chron, Dewey Tucker was hit several times after someone opened fire with a semiautomatic pistol, causing him to swerve into a guardrail. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tucker played bass for the Bay Area all-star band that toured with Lauryn Hill in 2007, led by local emcee Kev Choice. He also anchored rhythm sections for the Coup, B'Nai Rebelfront, and Kev Choice Ensemble, and garnered frequent accolades in East Bay Express. At this point, nobody knows any motive for the shooting. Tucker had no criminal record. He was engaged to be married and spent most of his free time practicing, according to his mother, Shirley Tucker. No arrests have been made.