BART Video Teaches Us How Not to Be Idiots

Your Crocs will kill you.


According to a video released by BART recently, five out of every one million passengers are injured in its stations, and one out of every million is injured while on the trains — two harrowing statistics that obviously warrant a video teaching BART riders how to get on and off an escalator. While BART claims that it "wants you to be safe while using our system," we suspect that BART really just wanted to show Bay Area passengers its blooper reel of people's Crocs getting stuck in escalators, skateboarding on railings, and generally acting moronic.

But we're not complaining; the video is pretty funny. 


Helpful BART tips include messages such as, "Hold onto your children," "Always lift your feet when you step off [the escalator]," and "Walking is the best way to get to your train," so stop trying to somersault on or enter trains Gangnam style, please. 

The video also reminds us not to walk and text at the same time or to jump down onto the tracks when we inevitably drop our phones due to walking and texting. All of this is very common sense advice, of course, but the real takeaway, as we see it, is this: Never, under any circumstances, should you wear Crocs.

And don't forget to mind the gap.

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