BART Slammed in New Report



A new report on the BART Police Department strongly criticizes the agency for ineffective oversight and discipline of officers. According to the Chron, the 303-page report by the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives also recommends that BART cops should get out of their cars and start riding trains. The report also critiques the agency's "positive discipline" policy, which sounds like it's more befitting of kindergartners than cops. Under the policy, problem BART officers are given oral and written "reminders," instead of actual discipline.

But our favorite detail is the report's criticism of BART headquarters, which, according to the Chron, the report called "embarrassing to say the least. The locker rooms (male and female) are disgusting. The floors are filthy, the lockers dusty, and there is some sort of stuff running down the walls." Sounds just like BART's public bathrooms.