In a major WTF, in a week full of WTFs, the Trib reports that BART has hired Nedir Bey, a former top official for the disgraced Your Black Muslim Bakery who allegedly tortured a man and then never repaid a $1.1 million loan from the City of Oakland. The BART board of directors gave Bey's company, Solar Eclipse, half of a $1.5 million contract for lighting improvements at Twelfth Street Station in Oakland and the North Berkeley Station after Bey complained that he had been wrongly disqualified from bidding on the contract. Bey's supporters also accused BART of racism because it has a history of not hiring minority contractors.

Bey was accused in 1994 of torturing an Oakland man. He later pleaded no contest to a felony false-imprisonment charge. In 1996, he also received a $1.1 million loan from the city with the help of then Councilwoman Natalie Bayton. But then Bey never repaid the loan. According to the Trib, Bayton is now listed as the corporate secretary for Bey's company, Solar Eclipse, which was just hired by BART.