BART Cop Murdered Oscar Grant



Ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle had no reason to shoot Oscar Grant on New Year's, let alone fire his Taser at him. It's difficult to reach any other conclusion after the testimony of Mehserle's buddy, BART cop Anthony Pirone, and the videotapes of the fatal shooting. Mehserle has maintained that the killing was accidental because he meant to fire his Taser, not his gun, at Grant as he lay face down on the pavement. Both Mehserle and Pirone also have argued that Grant was resisting arrest, and was refusing to put his hands behind him. But according to the Trib, Pirone was forced to admit on cross-examination yesterday that Grant posed no threat to anyone just before Mehserle killed him. In addition, the Chron reported that Pirone also acknowledged that videotapes showed that Grant had, indeed, put his hands behind him just before Mehserle fired. In other words, Mehserle had no reason to use his Taser on a compliant Grant, let alone shoot him in the back with his gun. Moreover, the Chron reported that Pirone testified that just after the shooting Mehserle said he thought Grant was reaching for a gun. As the Grant family's lawyer John Burris pointed out, that's further evidence Mehserle intended to shoot Grant and not fire his Taser.