BART Cop Hurled N-Word at Oscar Grant



BART cop Anthony Pirone called Oscar Grant a "Bitch-ass Nigger," just before fellow BART cop Johannes Mehserle shot Grant to death as he lay face down on the ground, according to the Chron. Pirone was caught hurling the racial epithet on tape, and the bombshell revelation may further help explain how a routine arrest suddenly turned deadly. Pirone, however, maintains that he was merely repeating what Grant had said to him moments before. There is only one problem: Grant can't be heard on the tapes, while Pirone can. Moreover, Pirone has a history of not telling the truth.

For example, Pirone testified that Grant had refused to put his hands behind him, but then was forced to admit that videotapes of the shooting showed Grant doing just that. Pirone also said on the stand that Grant had kicked him in the groin moments before the killing. But then Pirone admitted that he never told investigators about the alleged kick during at least two interviews in the days after the killing. Pirone said he only remembered the kick later, after viewing videotapes of the incident - which, it should be noted, do not show any such kick, just as they do not show Grant calling Pirone a "Bitch-ass Nigger."