Barbara Boxer's Aide Pulls a Paris Hilton, Gets Busted for Dope



Which is worse: anti-gay Republican politicians who secretly bugger, or anti-pot Democrats who secretly smoke dope? Either way, such rank hypocrisy deserves divine retribution, which thundered down upon a senior aide of anti-legalization Democrat Barbara Boxer who got busted trying to bring pot into the Hart Senate Office Building Tuesday, Politico reports.

"Marcus M. Stanley, who served as a senior economic adviser and at one time worked on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee — chaired by Boxer — was stopped by a police officer Tuesday morning when he allegedly tried to “remove and conceal” a leafy green substance from his pocket during a security screening at the Constitution Avenue door of the Hart building around noon, according to a Capitol Police report. ... Stanley quickly resigned."

It's not the first time politicos have been busted for bringing contraband onto Capitol grounds, where security has popped more than a dozen people for weed and cocaine in the last eighteen months.

Democratic candidates Barbara Boxer, along with Dianne Feinstein and Jerry Brown, have all recently aligned with anti-gay Christian conservatives to defeat Prop 19, which would legalize personal possession of small amounts of marijuana in California.