Barack Obama Is a Tease



It looked earlier this week that President Obama wanted to get to the truth of who authorized torture and whether they should be prosecuted. First, he contradicted his own aides who had said that he didn't want to prosecute former Bush-era lawyers, such as UC Berkeley law school professor John Yoo, telling the press that any decision should be left up to Attorney General Eric Holder. Then he went on and said that he was inclined to support a Congressional "truth commission" that would get at the heart of what happened. But then later in the week, the president reversed course again, and said he didn't support a truth commission after all. What happened? At this point, it's unclear. It's possible that Obama was scared of the blowback from Republicans if the truth commission plan went forward. On the other hand, maybe the president realized that a truth commission, if it offered immunity to people like Yoo, would kill any chance of prosecutions. Either way, the ball is now in Holder's court. We should find out soon if people who broke US and international laws will be held to account.