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Athen B One Year Anniversary

A fourteen artist group show.


It’s difficult to believe that Athen B gallery (1525 Webster St., Oakland) has only been around for one year, because the downtown Oakland gallery has accomplished so much. It’s helpful that the space is a reworking of the once similarly crucial LeQuiVive Gallery, which started beautifying Chinatown and downtown Oakland with street art murals years ago — an unofficial project that those behind Athen B continue to devote their time to, with stunning results. Since the rebranding and staffing change last year, Athen B curator Brock Brake has presented some of the highest quality shows in Oakland’s art scene. And on Saturday, June 11, Athen B will present another top notch exhibit to celebrate its birthday. The lineup of fourteen artists includes international street art icons like Germany’s Herakut and Argentina’s Franco Fasoli alongside innovative sculptors such as Sergio Garcia and talented locals Cannon Dill and Nicomi Nix Turner.