A's Settle for Split With Sox. We'll Take the Blame.


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Still giddy over getting an A's fix at 6:00 a.m., on the new FM all sports signal, I decided to listen to the game at work as well. It started off nicely with the A's getting a quick 1-0 lead, but I missed the starting time by ten minutes and had to hear about our good fortune second-hand. That was a sign even an umpire could see.

Fans recognize that while we are powerless over the particulars of a sporting event that our actions somehow do seem linked to the narrative of the contest. If you sit on the couch in one direction, runs roll in, if you stop, then so do the hits. Today every time I tuned in, the A's had men on base, tney were there before I spun the dial, but once I locked in, the rallies died. Boston was supposedly scuffling, but when I checked back, it was just in time to hear a Red Sox home run.

I did the honorable thing and switched to KNBR to hear the Giants getting beaten at the same time, and also to free the A's to come back. And sure enough when I returned to the FM world, the A's had ducks on the pond, who remained there unmoving until I switched to another frequency.

Figuring we were dead and buried, down 5-1 in the 8th inning, I tried to came back too, just in time to hear swelling crowd noise. The Athletics had the bases loaded and had a run in. And the Bosox were about to walk in another, until my ears to the reliever's arm led to our number two and three hitters going out weakly.

Not one to tempt fate, and assuming I could just tune in to hear the postgame post mortems, I made one last stab at being a fan, only to discover the game was now 5-3, and that we had two on, with only one out. Sorry to report, I found myself compelled to listen to hear what would happen next.

Nothing, of course. If I had just held out a little longer, it would have been different story.

The A's put eighteen guys on base today, of which I think I heard three, they made the standard 27 outs, of which I probably heard all So the A's and I get a day and half off before traveling to Seattle to take on the last place Mariners. I've learned my lesson, I will watch this one on TV instead, and if I see things going badly, there's always the mute button.