As High School Winds Down, Seniors Prep for Life Outside Campus, Behind Bars



Toting guns and flipping cars, local students continue to prove mature beyond their years:

The Daily Californian reports that a Berkeley High School student and her 20 year-old non-student date were arrested at Saturday's senior prom for attempting to sneak in a loaded gun into the already risque event. The gun was the non-student's. During security checks to enter the dance, he handed the gun off to his date, who unsuccessfully tried to hide it in her purse. The Oakland Tribune reports that Palo Alto High School students are protesting the arrest of a classmate over a senior prank. The student, charged with a felony for vandalism, flipped his Volvo on its back in the middle of campus. (He had help, the Trib assures us.) According to the police officers, the prank caused $3,000 in damages to school property. According to the Chronicle, this is not the first senior prank gone awry (scroll to bottom of the article).