A's Go Back to the Future

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Over the weekend the A's added one of the hottest relievers of the game in Keith Foulke to the roster and picked up Kansas City Royal super slugger Mike Sweeney. Man, in the words of that new hot musical group, the White Stripes, we're going to be some kind of Seven Nation Army rolling over the American League West this season. Oh, wait, it's not 2003?

So that must mean that Keith Foulke has already retired due to a bum arm and the fact that he couldn't get minor leaguers out last spring while getting released by the Cleveland Indians and that he crawled gingerly out from retirement with his injured arm to give it one more try with the locals, while Sweeney who is two years past his warranty expiration date, has averaged 7 ½ homeruns over the past two years and was given away by the only team he played on for his entire big league career for a bag of broken bats and a pop-up toaster.

Sweeney is no longer even the best Sweeney on the A's forty man roster, having been supplanted by young Ryan Sweeney late of the Chicago White Sox, who also has less than adequate levels of power.

It's yet one more sign that this season, the 2008 version will be a one for the books, like that new one called The DaVinci Code - sorry, that was 2003 as well. Guess that might not be the best year to replicate after all. — K ibby Kleiman