A's Back in Trouble Again

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How is it that the Oakland A's lead the world in back injuries? Are the post game spreads that heavy to lift? Is it whiplash caused by watching the line drives hit off our new ace Joe Blanton? Whatever the cause, the Athletics could keep a lineup of chiropractors in clover. This week it's Eric Chavez disabled indefinitely due to damaged discs. Being an A's follower has made me more hip to epidurals than ERAs.

Why are our young men creaking along with old man injuries? The superannuated Giants, a team with a 41-year old shortstop never seems to have L-3 issues; though they do have a lot of E-3 concerns.

Every summer Oakland fans get a primer on the logistics of trans-continental flight, artificial turf, and day games after night on the human spine. Chavez had three surgeries this off-season, but the one on his stern seems not to have done the trick; assuming the trick was getting our most pricey Athletic ready for Opening Day. According to mlb.com Chavez says the trouble started, "When I put on cleats and took part in some baseball activity" Unless Chavvy can play third in wingtips, it seems likely that the A's will struggle along with bargain basement Jack Hannahan at the hot corner.

Of course Bobby Crosby missed yesterday's game with a bad upper back, and newly acquired pitcher Joey Devine is not throwing because of a (wait for it… wait for it) injured back. The former Atlanta Braves has done the bad back brigade one better with not just an L-5 but with a dash of S-1 thrown in.

The A's may not be able to get much practice this spring swinging that lumber, but they can probably school the rest of the American League when it comes to dissecting the lumbar. So with the left side of the infield out of action, one can only hope that when manager Bob Geren readies their replacements that he stretches adequately before lifting his pencil.— Kibby Kleiman