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Artists In Response to State Violence and Gentrification

At East Side Arts Alliance.


The creators of The Anastasio Project, which tackled the issue of police and border patrol violence, have brought together a new multidisciplinary showcase of local dance and theater companies to take a broader look at state violence, this time in the context of gentrification. In The Anastasio Project, NAKA Dance Theater combined movement, dance, spoken work, poetry, art installations, video, and original music for a performance that moved seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. The story focused on the experience of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, an undocumented immigrant who died several days after border patrol agents beat and tasered him; stories from Bay Area residents of police violence; and interviews with members of the Eastside Arts Alliance. For “Artists in Response,” which is showing at the Eastside Culture Center (2277 International Blvd., Oakland) on November 7 and 8, NAKA will bring together dance theater companies from across the Bay, along with poet Marvin K. White and Black Lives Matter organizer Cat Brooks.