Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor, Shower-Time-Limit Enforcer



At a Commonwealth Club Meeting in San Francisco, the New York Times reports that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger strictly enforces the five-minute shower rule at his house.

Giving a speech to commemorate the three year anniversary of the "California Global Warming Solutions Act", the Governor said he occasionally times his children when they take showers , and if they keep the water running too long he turns the hot water off mid-shower. If his kids don't comply soon, the Governor said "I told them if I catch them, there will be something built in that I have from Europe, which only allows you to take a shower for five minutes and then it turns off automatically, which they have in Europe in gymnasiums so you don't take a shower for too long." A valiant effort on the governor's part, but thankfully for the kids he doesn't live in Australia, where the one minute shower concept is antagonizing shower singers nationwide.