Are Your Love Handles Contributing to Global Warming?



Berkeley author Michael Pollan has already discussed how food and fossil fuels are linked (i.e., "A strawberry is four calories. It takes ten calories of fossil fuel energy to get it to you."), but today we received a press release in our inbox about another global warming contributor, though far less recognized: fat. As in, how much more gas does it take to drive you around if you're overweight?

"For every pound the average American is overweight, we use an additional 938 million gallons of gasoline per year," says Dr. Sheldon Jacobsen, a university of Illinois professor and one of the talking heads (Pollan included) in an upcoming documentary, Killer At Large. Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is apparently considering a promotion campaign on the benefits of combating obesity and climate change through exercise. According to this CNN article, eating less meat would also help, since it takes more energy to produce than fruits and vegetables. Expect to see Killer At Large released early next year.