Anti-Environmental Measure Trailing in New Poll



Proposition 23, a statewide November ballot measure that would indefinitely suspend California’s landmark climate-change law, is trailing by a large margin, according to the latest Field Poll. The measure, which is sponsored by two Texas oil companies, has only 36 percent support, while 48 percent of likely voters oppose it.

Pollster Mark DiCamillo said that any measure that has less than 50 percent support at this point in the campaign likely will not win in November, the Chron reports.

The poll also showed that voters overwhelmingly support Proposition 25, which would lower the two-thirds-vote requirement to pass a budget in the legislature to a simple majority. The measure has 65 percent backing, compared to 20 percent opposition. Even Republican voters support the measure by nearly 60 percent, although DiCamillo predicted that GOP support will plummet by Election Day once conservative voters realize that the proposition will lessen the power of legislative Republicans.