Another Young Oakland Police Officer Was Arrested for Drunk Driving Over the Weekend


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  • Alameda County Sheriff's Office
  • Amritpal Aujla
Another Oakland police officer was arrested over the weekend for driving while under the influence.

Officer Amritpal Aujla was taken into custody by California Highway Patrol officers and booked into Santa Rita Jail over the weekend. The details of the incident, including what day, time, and where Aujla was stopped, are unavailable at this time. But OPD confirmed the officer was arrested.

A California Highway Patrol officer told the Express that Aujla was booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of driving with a blood alcohol level of greater than 0.08.

Aujla is a graduate of the department's 171st Police Academy, a class that has seen an unusually large number of graduates run afoul of the law.

For example, two weeks ago Oakland Police Officer Eduardo Arrizon had to turn himself over to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office after missing a court date for an alleged drunk driving incident last summer. Arrizon is also a 171st Academy Graduate.

Two other officers who graduated from the 171st, Matthew Santos and Brian Bunton, have also faced criminal charges.

In Bunton's case, charges were dismissed last year after a superior court judge found there was insufficient evidence to charge him with conspiracy and prostitution in relation to the Celeste Guap sex abuse case.

Santos was found guilty by a jury of threatening a man with a gun and is no longer a police officer. Bunton also no longer works for OPD.

The 171st Academy added 35 officers to OPD and was part of the city's surge in recruitment and training to build up the ranks of its police force. In 2009 the city had 830 officers, but the number dropped to 613 by 2013.

OPD currently has 744 officers.